Game Cheats


Game Cheats Coming Soon

On this page we will be adding videos on different social games like petrescue saga, candy crush saga, criminal case, farm heroes saga, and many more other solve  puzzle games on Facebook. You might wonder how we can call this as a cheat for games. Well, this is just like a guide or a copy of notes where you will be bringing during your exam (cheaters knows best) with the videos we will show how we are going to complete the levels where it gave you some difficulties to finish. On each videos there will be no extras used to complete the level, having this, if a level 90 of the game is being difficult to you then just watch the video we created and you can easily complete the level as well. No need to cheat the system with some bots or codes or software this method will easily help you. No need to skip any level, complete the level as easy as 1, 2 , 3…of course the excitement is less than when you do solve the level yourself but when it gives you headache, then use our videos and boom!!!

It will be added soon guys so just watch out for our videos, have  great day everyone!