Top 10 Social Casino Slot Games on Facebook

top 10 social casino slot games

A social casino’s provide those casual gamers  that aiming a high-roller experience, but without the need to spend money. A social casino is  the largest numbers of these casinos are, of course, found on Facebook, where social interaction is only a part of the whole experience. On the other hand if you want to spend or play using real money, since real money is involve I advice you to do some reviews before joining and doing such. Here are some advantages involving the social casino.

top 10 social casino slot games

  • Social Slots are an amazing alternative to real-money play
  • Completely free, engaging, and well-developed
  • No risk of losing cash during spins

If playing quality casino games for free is sounds great to you. Then you are at the right spot.

Here are the top 10 Social Slots on Facebook

So how are we going to rate them? We look at different factors like the numbers of their page like, the numbers of their followers, how active the members of the team on social media, and how active players on their social media are reacting to their updates and post on their pages.

1. Double Down Casino

double down casino free coinsFirst of all the social slots is the Double Down Casino that gathers 7,636,525 page likes and 7,245,717 followers. Many would question why i put Double Down Casino in the top spot and here is my reasons. Even though Slotomania has the highest followers in their end,Double Down Casino are also very active by  updating their page with freebies like 6-7 times a day. The best thing is their players activity, it is really awesome that they always gets the attention of their players. Imagine that every time they are updating or adding a post freebie on their Facebook page it will reach roughly around 7,000 and above  likes. I just saw multiple post of theirs that reached 15,000 to 20,000 likes every posts. The more important thing is the engagement of those followers and players in comment section that can goes up to 12,000 and 1,900+ shares.

2. Slotomania

Slotomania top 10 social casino slot gamesWith the most followers in all the list, with a lot of engagement with the members too. Slotomania have gathered 13,606,529 page likes and 12,320,764 followers. The players activity on the page, the reactions, the comments, the likes, the post, the shares are higher . It has a supergroup with 528,398 members. The team is also active on posting some freebies in their page with 6-7 times a day.The difference between Slotomania and Double Down Casino is the players are more engage on the page at the advantage of Double Down Casino. Everytime the team post, it reached roughly at  3,800+ likes with 100+ comments and 100+ shares per post. For me, Slotomania players are more active with the supergroup that is why fewer likers and commentators with their post.


3. House of Fun

best social casino slot gamesOn the third spot, I put House of Fun. Since House of Fun have gathered 4,117,137 page likes and 3,635,965 followers. The team members are posting some updates and freebies in the page with 4-5 posts per day. The Facebook page post are reaching 4,000 to 5,500 likes with 600+ to 900+ comments. This social slot is pretty great reviews too, which makes it at the top list and i don’t doubt that I made this as a top 3 on my list. Check out their games in their Facebook page and experience a high roller without spending any penny from your pocket.


4. Double U Casino

Best Social Casino Slot GamesAnother social slot that makes my interest with is the Double U Casino which gathered 4,219,870 page likes and 3,914,814 followers. Other people would rank this social slot higher than House of Fun but I based it with the activities on the page too. Double U Casino is posting 3-4 posts per day in their Facebook page which for me an advantage to House of Fun. But with the engagement of the players with their post is a tie for me, since Double U Casino also reaching post 4,000 to 5,000 likes with 600 + comments.  Every post can reach a 500+ and above shares.


5. Heart of Vegas

top 10 social casino slot gamesHeart of Vegas has 2,214,091 page likes and 2,102,429 followers. It’s team members are posting 3 posts per day freebies at their page. On every post it can reach an average of 2,900+ likes with 300+ comments and 160+ shares per post. The numbers are not accurate enough but I just assume that this numbers are closer with the average in all the post they are doing at their page. With a 2 million followers is not bad at all, it will boost in the next months with the pace they are doing in the page.



6. Caesars Casino

top social casino slot gamesCaesars Casino accumulate 5,946,838 page likes and 5,217,874 followers. With almost  6 million likes that is pretty decent enough, but why I rank Caesars Casino in no. 6? Since Caesars Casino is higher in total followers than the House of Fun, Double U Casino and Heart Vegas, I just noticed that the engagement of the players in their respective page has the difference. With Caesars Casino their post are reaching 1,700+ likes with more or less 100 comments and 60 shares per post. The difference between the four are pretty high that is why i rank Caesars Casino in the 6th rank. No one knows if the team members of Caesars Casino will read this then they will do a lot of engagement activities for their members.


7. Hit it Rich

best social casino slot games on facebookHit It Rich gathered 2,471,091 page likes and 2,284,612 followers. It’s Facebook page post are updated 3 hours per day. Their post reaching an average of 1,300+ likes , 250 + comments and additional of more or less 100+ shares. Hit It Rich is growing and competing with the other social slots in terms of other aspects. Hope to see more engagement with their players too.




8. Real Casino Slot

Social Casino GamesReal Casino Slot have gathered 883,046 page likes and 847,435 followers. The followers are pretty low for me in terms on when they started the page on 2014. But on the positive side, the team members are active daily with 6+ posts per day. In every post it can reach to more or less 550 likes, 60+ comments and 50+ shares in every post.




9. Infinity Slot

infinity slotsWith over 4 years, Infinity Slot gathered over 360,642 page likes and 362,254 followers. Even though the page was created last 2015 but they only gathered a smaller numbers of  player in their page. The page are posting 2 posts per day with some freebies and updates. Those posts are reaching 400+ likes , 70+ comments and  30+ shares. The engagement of the players are lesser than other social slots, that is why i rank Infinity Slot on my 9th.



10. Monopoly Slot

monopoly social casino slot gamesMonopoly Slot got 239,554 page likes and 228,141 followers since they started in 2013. Last spot on my list since the followers they had is not high on engagement in the page too. Above all lets start with their post per day in their page. I noticed they only post once a day or rarely. Due to the explanation above, the posts are reaching at 300+ average likes, 60+ comments and 70+ shares.




There are few social slots that we haven’t mentioned but are still available to play on Facebook. If you are a top fan of social slots then you can visit our top 10 social slots and check each of them on Facebook. Play and test them out yourself if which one suits you best. My opinion is, I would go for games that gives a lot of freebies every day and almost every hour and play the game for free.

What about you? What’s the best social slots that you’ve played? Let me know on your comments below. Do you like to claim free coins then visit social casino slot games?

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